Our Mission

Facilitating cooperation between Real-Estate agents.

With the YESMLS® platform, we empower agents with cutting edge technology to seamlessly find and connect with Real-Estate agents that fit their standards of quality and integrity. Gone are the days of being confined to a certain geographical area, YESMLS® works locally and globally, where you can expand your business to better serve your clients. Quality above quantity, YESMLS® lets you create your own super cluster where cooperation elevates the standards!

Features of your YESMLS® Pro

Agent app


After downloading the YESMLS® Pro app you can do your signup. YESMLS® Pro is a B2B app reserved exclusively for Real-Estate professionals, that’s why before your account is activated we will do our due diligence in regards to you effectively being an active Real-Estate Professional. Once we approve, you can login to the YESMLS® Pro app and your profile will be visible to all YESMLS® members.


Now the fun part starts, explore the YESMLS® members and start sending connection requests. All connections will be notified when you enter a new listing, make a sale, do a price change or have a coming soon listing. And you of course will have the same notifications from them. We also have a News page that combines all the listings entered or changed within the last 24 hours by your connections.


YESMLS® only allows exclusive listings to be entered to the platform. Entering a new listing is super easy, we even made it possible to add your files to your listing so that when you share a listing with other YESMLS® members they automatically have access to these files. It’s updated in real time, when adding files they instantly show up in your shared listing.


When cooperating with other YESMLS® members you have the choice of how you want to cooperate and remunerate… it’s totally up to you. YESMLS® doesn’t take a cut in your commissions. We are a tech company, we deliver subscription based software.


Agent app

Features of your YESMLS®

Consumer app


When you choose for the Premium subscription, your YESMLS® Pro selected Portfolio will be pushed to your YESMLS® Consumer app. Your customers can download the YESMLS® consumer app and activate it with your unique YESMLS® agent code. The YESMLS® consumer app will then be loaded with your personal info, your headshot, email, telephone number and all your published listings. As an example, if you have 5 listings of your own and you got 45 other listings from other members your YESMLS® Consumer app will be loaded with 50 listings. You have unlimited downloads available for your clients.

Stay Connected

When your consumers download your YESMLS® Consumer app they will have a much stronger connection with you as their agent. The notifications play an important role in keeping this unique client/YESMLS® Agent bond active. Every time a listing is added, a price is changed or a listing gets sold, your customer will receive a notification. This in turn will create a professional image of you as their agent. Even when another YESMLS® Agent sold one of the shared listings your client will get the notification from you!.


One of the features we are especially proud of is the ‘Listing Match’ and the ‘Client Match’.

This matching algorithm works as follows: your client creates a filter on your YESMLS® Consumer App, once you activate this filter on your YESMLS® Pro Premium App the system will scan the complete YESMLS® database every 24 hours in search for the listing that matches the criteria of your clients' filter.

If a match is found, the YESMLS® agent that has this listing gets a notification that you have a client for his property, you get a notification that he has a listing that your client is looking for.

Now it’s up to you both to get in touch with each other and see if you can cooperate on transforming this match into a sale!


Imagine how showcasing these functionalities of YESMLS® in combination with the YESMLS® Consumer App to your potential seller will convince them to sign a listing agreement with you instead of an agent that doesn’t have the power or possibilities of a YESMLS® Agent.



Consumer app

How it started!

Anthony is the founder of YESMLS®, active in Belgium as a broker, in Real-Estate since 1999.

After visiting a Real-Estate convention in Las Vegas he discovered the MLS. This got him intrigued and he passionately started exploring, analysing and extracting the core features of the MLS back in 2007.

With the mindset 'Imagine if the MLS would be reinvented with the current technology and on a global scale! What would it look like?'

That’s YESMLS®, reinventing and enhancing the MLS to a new paradigm of cooperation and remuneration by choice. YESMLS® is a dynamic business-to-business platform that facilitates collaboration between real estate professionals from various brands and franchises, locally and globally.

The primary objective is to enhance client service by bringing together a diverse network of trusted real estate agents. When customers engage with agents powered by YESMLS®, they took the freedom to select an agent who aligns with their preferences and requirements that works together with other agents to optimize their chances of selling or buying a property.

Once chosen, their dedicated agent will provide unparalleled support, ensuring their needs are met and their property is well taken care of throughout the entire process.

With YESMLS®, they can expect a seamless and personalized real estate experience, backed by a team of dedicated professionals working together in synergy with the end in mind: 'Serving their clients in the best way possible.'

Choose the right plan for your business

Cancel anytime, we value your decision or choose annual billing and save 20%
16 EUR/mo when billed annually
Free 1 month trial
  • Pro Agent Profile
  • Up to 20 listing Uploads
  • Unlimited Listing Portfolio
  • Up to 50 Connections
  • Up to 5 Group Connections
  • Real Time Portfolio Updates
  • Receive Developer Invitations
  • Receive Listing Matches
  • Receive Buyer Matches
  • Acces To Developers | Projects
  • Personal Branded Consumer App
  • Consumer App Info Requests
  • Personal Template Website
  • Office Branded Consumer App (possible)
Premium +
108 EUR/mo when billed annually
  • Premium Agent Profile
  • Unlimited listing Uploads
  • Unlimited Listing Portfolio
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Unlimited Group Connections
  • Real Time Portfolio Updates
  • Receive Developer Invitations
  • Receive Listing Matches
  • Receive Buyer Matches
  • Acces To Developers | Projects
  • Personal Branded Consumer App
  • Consumer App Info Requests
  • Personal Template Website
  • Office Branded Consumer App (possible)
  • Group Dashboard
  • Unlimited 'Public' or 'Private' groups
  • Up to 5000 members
  • Up to 50000 Listing Portfolio
  • Unlimited Group Connections
  • Tailor Made Consumer App
  • Receive Developer Invitations
  • Access to Developers | Projects
  • Tailor Made Website


For clarification to our buyers and sellers
How Does YESMLS® Work?

Put simply, listing agents and brokers will list active properties on YESMLS® in their specific area or region. Buyer's agents search these listings to identify properties that meet their clients unique criteria, such as neighborhood, size, features, style, budget, and more. If you’re selling your home, a listing on YESMLS® will be shared with all YESMLS® members for the broadest distribution possible. If you’re buying a home, YESMLS® members will have the largest pool of homes for you to choose from.

Is YESMLS® a new brand or franchise?

No, YESMLS® is a business to business platform where real estate professionals from different brands and franchises work together to better serve their clients. You choose your own trusted real estate agent to work with, they take care of you and your property.

Aren’t Real Estate Agents competitors?

Yes, Real Estate Agents compete with each other for your business, but at the same time cooperate to help you buy or sell property. That unique concept of cooperating while competing led to the creation of YESMLS® from within the real estate profession.

Customer first!

YESMLS® members work with the end in mind, finding the perfect client for your property, the perfect property for you!

Coming Soon Listings ...

Get info about new listings before anyone else! YESMLS® members get first access to listings that aren’t for sale yet, be the first to get informed by your Agent.

Our customers, why should they choose an agent powered by YESMLS®?

We provide full service at every step.


They choose their agent and engage with all agents powered by YESMLS®.

Find quicker

Your customers will be the first to get the opportunity to find their dream home before it hits the market.

Sell faster

Sellers will get more qualified buyers who will be guided to their property, reaching the largest audience possible.


If you've got any questions, mail us, we will get in touch

Add to your strength with YESMLS®

Let's work together to better serve our clients


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